Morgan Riley

    Technology Finance Writer & Editor
    Major in Computer Science with a focus on Financial Technology
    Financial Technology, Data Analysis, Cybersecurity in Finance
    Morgan's journey began in a city known for its thriving technology industry. Their fascination with technology led them to study Computer Science with a focus on Financial Technology. Over the years, Morgan immersed himself in understanding how technology shapes financial systems. His expertise grew in the areas of data analytics and cybersecurity in finance, becoming a go to person for understanding the technological underpinnings of modern finance. In Capital Maniacs, Morgan unravels the complex world of financial technology, explaining how innovations such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity measures are revolutionizing the financial landscape. His articles demystify tech laden jargon, making financial technology understandable and engaging for readers of all backgrounds.
    "The science of today is the technology of tomorrow." - Edward Teller

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